Crack Sealing/Seal Coating

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Weather permitting, we will soon be completing this years work on our taxiways! 
Crack Sealing & Filling of the entire Airpark  will occur September 10, 11 & 12.  
(Traffic permitted around at all times. You can taxi over Crack Sealing 15 minutes after application.)

Here’s the Seal Coating schedule: 

East Hammerheads & H-1 Taxiway: 9/15 
South-end of East Taxiway to H-5: 9/16
North-end of East Taxiway from H-5 Northbound, North-end Overrun, North-end Taxiways : 9/17
Taxiway Kilo from the West Taxiway to Chandelle Lane: 9/18
Taxiway Kilo from Chandelle Lane Northbound, Taxiway ‘A’, West Tiedown,  South Tiedown: 9/19

  • For Seal Coating be prepared for no vehicular/aircraft access for a 24-hour period when your section is scheduled; Walking access to homes only. Seal coat will severely damage vehicles/aircraft if driven on when wet.
  • Please let your HOA know of any special circumstances regarding mobility or access to and from your home during the closures. We will do everything we can to help you if possible.
  • No landscape/deliveries or other routine maintenance service.
  • Turn off your irrigation as water overspray onto the pavement surface can damage the seal coat product.

When the seal coat is applied on the asphalt, no vehicular/aircraft access will be allowed from approximately 7:00 am to 7:00 am (or until the barricades are removed) the following morning to allow for proper cure time.  On the day that you are impacted by seal coat, you will need to park at the closest adjacent area outside of your section if applicable to you. There should only be one day that each resident will have to park away from their home during this overall project, the remainder of days you will be permitted to travel to and from your residence. 

If you have any questions, please contact Mike Kelly at (480) 227-2320.

– The Pavement Committee

Sealcoat Phase Map