Streets Number Signs

To: Owners of Homes, Hangars and Lots

From: Pat Forbes

The Heber-Overgaard Fire Department and the Navajo Sheriff’s Department have suggested that all owners have highly visible signs that are reflective so that emergency vehicles can easily identify a location.  This is especially important at night as emergency personnel are not familiar with the airpark. Their letters are on file and copies are available.

The Sheriff’s Department has requested that a form be filed with them as to specific directions to the house. The form will be attached to the signs when they are delivered.

Why lot owners? In case of a fire or an incident on the lot.

After much research, a company has been found that can provide the signs at a very reasonable cost at $23.00, which includes shipping.

However, a minimum of 20 signs must be ordered at one time.  They will be shipped to one address at the airpark and notification will be sent out when they are actually ordered and when they arrive.

These green signs are 6” x 24” with the reflective numbers that are the same that are used for street signs. The HOA Board has approved them.

You may download the order form by clicking HERE.

If you have any questions, please contact Pat Forbes,